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The Reason Why You Want A NEIS Business Website

NEIS Student Thinking About What Is Needed For Her NEIS Business Website

Before going ahead with a website for your NEIS Business, you will need to know exactly WHY you want or need a website and its purpose that will eventually serve for you in the long run. 

The process of getting things all together is time consuming and can take days and days to get all the information put together, the images, the videos and documentation ready for what is needed for your NEIS Business Website.

Don’t let this be all to much as we will help you get everything ready for your application process to get your new NEIS Business Website up and running within a few days of us receiving all required information.

Please start by watching the video below, and then continue down the page.

Please watch this video below so you may have an idea on whats needed for your NEIS Business Website.

Explaining Basic Website Pages Needed For Your Website

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Planing Content

Determining what website content is essential and the type of content can make or break the desired outcome of people viewing your site.

You will need to know what is valuable for your viewers.  For example if you have a flower shop that sells flowers from the business front and also online then your content will need to be straight to the point upfront what you do.

The right message needs to be what they see without mixed information.  It is up to you whether that message is clear and professional or if it comes across as confusing and jumbled.

The point of all this is to create a website that is successful.  In order to do that, you are going to need to take some time to think about who you are, what you’re passionate about, and what the core values of your business are.

NEIS Business Websites Are The Best For NEIS Students
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The Viewers Journey On Your Website

The first and foremost, you will want to consider what the visitor’s first impression will be when they land on your homepage. This is vitally important as most people have a short mind span and if they don’t like what they see then they may never come back.

Most people these days are interested in immediate direct answers to information without beating around the bush waiting for days to find what they are looking for. If the visitor can find what they are looking for quickly then you have more of a chance of that visitor staying longer on your website.

Here is one example. If I were looking for instructions on how to make compatible my new remote for my car to sync with the programmed chip in the vehicle so I have a spare remote”. I wouldn’t want to be reading a document on how to do it but instead I would rather watch a video that gets straight to the point that takes no more than 5 minutes to show me how.

Here is another example. If I needed to know how to program my new remote control for my TV that I purchased and sync it with my Samsung TV”. Here would definitely need documents also with pictures so it can be read but also would be nice if there was a video showing how. The documents can always sit in the draw and are readily available but since the user has already watched the video once and their mind would be at ease because they have watched and seen and know what is happening and the docs are always in the draw for easy access.

Here is one more example. “Changing the water pump on a vehicle Ford XR8 Falcon”. This is a bit different but the same. Here I would want a detailed diagram of what bolts come out first, then whatever comes next and then putting it back together know what pressure I need the bolts to be tightened at. Watching a video and the commentary from the person doing the job would obviously say things like “Now be careful right here on this section because on these models these nuts are weak and could snap off if you hold the spanner on the wrong angle”. NOW that sort of information is not written in document’s because the Manufacturer wouldn’t want to make it know there are weak bolts that we need to be careful with. You get my point!

What is said above is, people who are viewing your content will want the best content they can find on the internet, it’s that simple.

Now a note on the videos display, don’t get scared about this as it’s not super important to have videos ok. Your website won’t lose visitors because you don’t have videos. What is being said here is, it would definitely benefit the visitors if your website did have videos.

Make Your Website More Noticiable By Standing Out From The Crowd

Stand Out from The Crowd

To make your website really stand out from the crowd it will need lots of quality content.

TEXT: roughly more than 300 words even if they are only scattered paragraphs on the same page.

IMAGES: if you can have more than 1 image that would be great but no need to over do it, 3 images at the most unless it was a portfolio page.

VIDEOS: site wide preferably a few videos. These you can place anywhere you feel the need for a video in the right location that is relevant to the content.

NOTE: Remember this, There are 3 main learning techniques and they are Hearing, Seeing and Doing is how we learn quickly.

Have You Been Qualified For A Website Yet?

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