about us

About Us

SUB Websites are small business helping NEIS students by delivering professionally designed Business Websites to NEIS participants at low cost.

I completed the NEIS New Enterprise Incentive Scheme course Cert 4 Small Business Management in 2016.  I certainly know what it’s like to start a business, and that is how SUB Websites came to exist.

Myself have been building websites since 2012 starting from basic website builders and now using the best in the world which is WordPress. My business partner is about the same yet started in 2014.

I started from using a WYSIWYG Web Builder program installed on my PC which only created HTML websites and then randomly came across WordPress and was fascinated with its capabilities, and from there on here we are today helping others get noticed on the web.

WordPress is a CMS platform that allows websites to be built using themes and plugins to create just about any type of website. From basic standard websites to mighty complex database driven and membership websites WordPress can do it all.

We will do our best to provide the best possible service to Start Up NEIS Businesses.

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